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Ready to Respond

Baxter understands the importance of IV fluids for clinicians and patients. We are always there to ensure that our supply lines remain consistent and reliable whenever and wherever they are needed. Through end-to-end visibility and proactive preparedness planning, we are always ready to respond to challenges and irregularities that are beyond our control.  

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Supply Chain Control Tower 

Disasters can happen anywhere. When they do, our state-of-the-art monitoring systems give us the ability to:  

  • Identify irregularities – weather patterns, geo-political issues, man-made challenges 
  • Anticipate disruptions 
  • Respond quickly to unexpected events 
  • Deliver confidence and transparency   
Baxter International Supply Chain Control Tower software interface

Keep it Moving 

Baxter monitors and orchestrates supply, production, and inventory in real time. We have a comprehensive view of supply information across our internal facilities, as well as external networks. With key metrics and data at our fingertips, we keep products moving smoothly to our customers. Automation and predictive analytics provide additional visibility into evolving demand and disruptive events. This knowledge helps us to be agile, so we can quickly adjust and keep inventory moving.  

a large hurricane

Hurricane Preparedness 

Hurricanes happen — and Baxter is ready. Our extensive hurricane preparedness process helps us take the necessary steps to protect our employees, products and facilities. We have plans in place that help us move our people and our products to safety with a multi-step approach that includes:  

  • Pre-planning and projections
  • In-season monitoring
  • Scenario planning
  • Pre-season network readiness for:  
    • People - supplies, services, employee policies
    • Sites - workshops, checklists, satellite phones, data servers, generators
    • Patients - continuity plans, alternate capacity plans, supply redundancy for critical products
    • Customers - accelerated shipments, material extraction, pre-storm engagement with customers to ensure product delivery    
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The Real Benefit 

Even in extreme weather conditions, you can count on Baxter to deliver the IV fluids you need to treat your patients.  

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