IV Fluids Manufacturing

Largest manufacturing footprint in the industry

Meeting Critical Needs

Baxter has invested $1 billion — and counting — over the last five years in manufacturing plants in the U.S. This ongoing investment allows us to expand our manufacturing network to create redundancy, increase production and add capacity — allowing us to meet critical IV supply needs now and in the future.

a map of the United States highlighting the locations of 5 manufacturing plants

5 IV plants

More than all other competitors combined

a map of the world highlighting the locations of many Baxter manufacturing plants

Broadest global network

Enabling redundant supply if needed 

an icon of a manufacturing facility

The Real Benefit 

All Baxter IV Fluids are manufactured for the U.S. in North America across five IV plants – more than all other competitors combined.

IV tube bundling manufacturing

Responding to Demand

When there are spikes in demand, we are agile enough to adapt and provide our customers with the products they need to care for their patients. In fact, when there were medical fluid shortages across the market, Baxter stepped up to fill in where our competitors could not. Throughout the pandemic, and continuing today, we supply IV fluids and irrigation products for both committed and non-committed customers.

Baxter International IV Fluids Portfolio

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