IV Fluids Distribution

Broadest North American Distribution Network1

Reliable Product Supply

Baxter has six mega distribution centers, as well as an extensive distribution network, to continually support product supply and delivery to our customers. We provide the security in supply that hospitals rely on to care for patients. In fact, we ship more than 1.5 million units of IV fluids every single day.

a map of the United States highlighting the locations of 38 distribution centers

38 total distribution centers  

Offering additional capacity, storage and increased automation

a map of the United States highlighting the locations of 6 mega distribution centers

6 mega distribution centers 

Our newest, state-of-the-art facility has 800,000+ square feet of space 

Baxter International Mt. Carmel Mega Distribution Center

Expanded Capabilities 

Our Mount Carmel Mega Distribution Center in Mississippi has expanded capabilities across the board including cutting-edge robotics, a blast freezer, refrigerated dock and laser-guided vehicles.   

The state-of-the-art facility increased:

  • Square footage by ~60%
  • Employees by ~30%
  • Pallet storage by ~130% optimal capacity; ~200% maximum capacity
  • Cold chain by 64%   
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The Real Benefit 

Our expansive, efficient distribution network puts IV fluids where they are needed most — in our customers’ hands.  

Baxter International IV Fluids Portfolio

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