Pharmacy Portfolio The Power of Medicine

From the ICU to the ER, and everywhere in between, you’ll find Baxter pharmacy products that help support patient care.

The Power of Medicine. From the ICU to the ER, and everywhere in between, you’ll find Baxter pharmacy products that help support patient care.

Baxter Pharmacy Portfolio Has You Covered

Baxter is committed to helping support patient care through our integrated products and solutions that touch patients, from the pharmacy to the bedside to the home.

We help you support patient care by minimizing risk due to compounding errors,1,2 maximizing efficiency and delivering value with the simplicity of a dedicated partner for intravenous (IV) medication, clinical nutrition, IV medication delivery, and patient monitoring.

Baxter is ready with the IV medications you need, when and where you need them. We do so by:


Providing a large portfolio of IV pharmaceuticals, including a broad array of ready-to-use premixes


Protecting patients through our commitment to quality and innovation


Innovating with safety and efficiency top-of-mind


Partnering with customers to add value from the products we offer, to the services we provide, such as our Clinical Center of Excellence (CCOE)

USP 797: It's All About Patient Safety

USP <797>: It's All About Patient Safety

View our webinar on USP <797> guidelines and patient safety with Abby Roth, a microbiologist and consultant on sterile compounding. She discusses:

  • Implications of USP <797> updates
  • How to manage them efficiently
  • How they relate to patient safety

Baxter Pharmacy’s Extensive Portfolio

Baxter is constantly investing and innovating to help support patient care. Our extensive offering includes pharmaceutical products for critical care, oncolytics, anti-infectives and anesthesia products. Baxter offers a broad spectrum of products for hospitals and alternate care settings. Our products are available in a variety of presentations including ready-to-use IV formulations, vials, ampules, tablets, bottles and transdermal systems.

Each Baxter ready-to-use pharmaceutical product is barcoded for bedside scanning to help verify the right drug for the right patient at the right time.

We understand there is a pharmacist behind every dose of medication. We offer solutions to help take a pharmacy's operations to the next level with a focus on increasing efficiency, helping to minimize waste and supporting patient safety.

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Baxter Pharmacy’s Value to Customers

It’s more important than ever to have a partner that understands your challenges and your need to maximize quality and efficiency while minimizing costs, all in pursuit of the best outcomes for your patients. More than 5,000 US hospitals use our products.
The global impact of our products, presence, and activities will always be assessed through this lens, as we touch the lives of patients, clinicians, communities, employees, and other constituencies worldwide, Joe Almeida, Baxter Chairman and CEO.

Baxter’s Partnership Promise

Baxter has been delivering quality, expertise, and support to infusion therapy innovation for more than 90 years. Building on a knowledgeable sales force and laddering up to the Baxter Clinical Center of Excellence (CCOE), Baxter delivers clinical product support and optimization services from the pharmacy to the bedside.

Baxter's Manufacturing Network

Baxter has 7 manufacturing sites within North America and 13 plants around the world. Baxter also utilizes 40 distribution centers across the US to ensure the product is available when you need it.

  • Baxter’s logistics providers are on notice so that if they are needed for expedited transport, they can prioritize movement of essential products
  • Baxter is focused on providing steady supply of products, and above all else, proactive and transparent communication

Premix Manufacturing Process Video

Baxter has developed a premix manufacturing process in the US specifically designed for long-term storage of unstable and temperature-sensitive medication. This may help reduce waste, streamline workflow, support efficient delivery of medications and reduce human errors related to admixing.1-3

To learn more about our cGMP-compliant manufacturing process, visit our Ready-to-Use page.