Infusion Systems and Patient Monitoring

We partner with healthcare systems to help clinicians safely deliver medications and monitor patients at the bedside.

Helping Clinicians Safely Deliver Medications at the Bedside

A patient lies in a hospital bed with a Spectrum IQ Infusion Pump near the bed

Focused on Patient Safety

We’re working to enable clinicians to provide their best care to patients and safely deliver medications at the bedside. For example, we are helping elevate patient protection from the pharmacy to the bedside through our infusion pump. We are also focused on helping clinicians reduce the potential for touch contamination during setup and change of IV administration sets with single set technology for both pump and gravity medication delivery.


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Patient Monitoring

We recently acquired Cheetah Medical, a leading provider of non-invasive fluid management and hemodynamic monitoring technologies, which will accelerate our presence in the patient monitoring space. The Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System advances efforts to shift treatment away from a one-size-fits-all approach towards individualized, patient-specific clinical decisions that will help deliver the right therapy to the right patient, every time. This platform will join other Baxter devices and products—IV infusion pumps, IV fluids and medications—as part of an integrated system designed to aid and inform therapeutic decisions.

A patient lies in a hospital bed while a nurse looks at an IV bag

Explore Our Products for Infusion Systems

We offer clinicians an infusion pump system and comprehensive portfolio of sets and vascular access devices to administer IV fluids and drugs for patients at the bedside.

Featured Products

A Spectrum IQ Infusion System sits next to a patient bedside in a hospital while a male patient lays in bed

Spectrum IQ Infusion System

Product image of Baxter One Link Needle-Free IV Connector

One-Link Needle-Free IV Connector

Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System

Starling Fluid Management Monitoring System