Abacus Software

Optimize Your Order Entry and Calculation Process. Our software helps simplify the ordering, calculation and labeling process for compounded and premix products. It was designed to be flexible to help meet your institution’s needs and safety standards. 

Optimize Your Ordering Process


Abacus Software offers you the ability to create multiple customized order templates, including Premix ones, that support your prescribing practices and facilitate multiple referral sources. Your Abacus Software administrator can apply your facility’s therapeutic and pharmacy practice rules to your software, and it also allows for the addition of Premix parenteral nutrition to the Formulary.


Use Abacus Software to manage your facility’s Cysteine protocol, assess calcium phosphate solubility, calculate overfill and unused volume for Premix orders, establish warning limits per patient type, and configure system and facility specific warning limits for each ingredient. Only users with appropriate permissions can approve an order.


Abacus Software performs daily automatic archiving and offers reporting tools to help support pharmacy tracking and decision making. Use the software to automatically calculate ion and salt-based ingredient volumes needed. It also compares the original patient order with subsequent orders to indicate variances. Labels contain unique barcodes, prescription numbers, serial numbers and order information.

Order Information You Can Trust

Verify Patient information

Abacus software give clinicians, pharmacists and technicians access to verify and edit patient information from the order screen.

Order Recommendations

Where applicable, recommended parameters for the ordering paradigm being utilized may be listed here.

Order Values

Changing the unit of measure for a selected ingredient prompts Abacus Software to calculate the new value for that ingredient.

Order Information

Summary of the order, administration, energy, ion and previous order information.

Administration Instructions

The prescribed date and time for administration are printed clearly on the label of each numbered bag, along with the nutritional summary and formula.

Order Summary Button

Access to real time order data breakdown of ions and macro nutrients in amount per bag, per day, per L, and per Kg at the click of a button.

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