ExactaMix 2400 Automated Compounder Training Videos

ExactaMix 2400 Automated Compounder

Core Operations

Setup Wizard Introduction

Calibrating the Load Cell

Selecting the Configuration

Installing & Changing the Tube Set

Connecting a Source Container

Electronic Y-Sites

Attaching a Calibration Bag

Barcode Scanning & Verification

Priming the Inlets & Verifying the Setup

Flushing the Universal Ingredient

Calibrating the Compounder

Fulfilling an Order

Replacing a Source Container

Cleaning the ExactaMix 2400 Compounder

Rx Only: For safe and proper use of the devices referenced herein, please refer to the complete Instructions for Use for EM2400 or EM1200.

Microsoft Software License Terms/EXACTAMIX Compounder Windows XP

Microsoft License Terms/EXACTAMIX Compounder Windows 10